Well,it's been a long time since we last had a word with you people through the net.This is mostly because of Spoon's military obligations (...yes, the f*&*%*% army is obligatory in Greece ,unfortunately...) and because of spending some quality time in the studio composing and finalizing the material for our upcoming album.We are planning to record in February -March 2013 and really hope that the new tracks will seem to you as heavy and strong as they seem to us.Of course,there are plans for some live gigs and new merchandise.Keep in touch!We have more...

Cheers and growls!
On behalf of the ExOxDx boys

The show at Rainbow Bar was a blast!Thank you all for showing up and of course thanks to our comrades from DreamLongDead.Additional thanks to Sakis Fragos and Rainbow Bar!It was a hell of a time!A bloody Cthulhu Sunday.....

Read a nice report here:http://castingstone.blogspot.com/2011/11/earth-of-disrust-dreamlongdead-20112011.html
Hey Boys n' Girls .ExOxDx will be performing @ rainbow Bar on the 20th of November with Dreamlongdead.Be there!!!!!

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